How to use custom URLs for Microsoft 365?

How to use custom URLs for Microsoft 365?

Each day technology is changing and creating a new history. The user who is using one technology may switch to other technology next day. The reason may be the security, cost, reliability etc. As an IT professional, I have been through a lot of situation where the customer demands are sometimes unlimited. Thus, a proper blueprint needs to be made before the deployment.

Especially, for a new user, it could be hard to remember the URLs, if the company shift the existing technology to other. For example, the user in an organization using to access the email services will later has to type the following URL like:,, etc. if your company start using Microsoft 365.As per the company they felt all the user are not familiar with the new technology and the user may have the requirement to open the M365 Outlook with the same URL that they were using before. In this case, Microsoft 365 does not provide the features to customize the URLs, you can achieve it by Web Redirect or by adding the CNAME.

Below are steps on how to achieve it.

Log in to your DNS Management Portal and click on Web Redirect. All the DNS records of are added in CLOUDNS. This portal may vary as you may be using the service of different hosting provider.

Click on Add New Record

Add the record

Host: à    Points to: à

When the user input the URL it will redirect the user to Now click on Save.

The records have been updated. As the TTL value is 1 hour, it will take up to an hour after the addition of record in DNS.

Now when the user enters the URL, it will redirect to

Similary,you can also achieve it by using adding the CNAME records. CNAME record is the type of record in the DNS that maps one Domain to another.

Currently there is only one record in CNAME. Click on Add new record.

Add the record

The record has been updated, it will take up to an hour to see the result as the TTL value is 1 hour.

Now when the user enters the URL, it will redirect to

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