M365 Admin Training Day 28 – How to Setup Microsoft Search & Intelligence?

How to Setup Microsoft Search & Intelligence?

Microsoft search helps in finding the results quickly. In a company a large amount of data and time invested on searching specific resources. For example:emails,attachments,people,site,answers etc.With Microsoft Search & Intelligence it is possible to establish connections to entire data and find the required information.Microsoft Search also suggests results based on the previous activities. The user can use Microsoft search from the Microsoft 365 webapps from the searchbox in the header or from the bing search directly but to work on the bing you must have to sign in with your office 365 account.

In Microsoft 365 admin center, Search and Intelligence is available inside the settings.For the administrator,to setup Search and intelligence the administrator can look on to the insights.Under the Insights the adminstrator can refer the Query analytics,User analytics,Connections analytics and based on the results the adminstrator can  setup the Search and Intelligence in an organization.Below is the demonstration on how to setup the Acronym and Bookmarks.

For example, let’s say from the query analytics report the administrator found that a lot of user are using the same query for maximum number of times then based results the administrator can customize the results. Below demonstration shows how an Acronym and Bookmarks can be added in your organization and what will be the result after the implementation.


Under the Answer section, go to Acronym and click on Add an Acronym.

Now, customize the results by typing the required details on the Acronym, Stand for, Description and resource field as below. On each addition the result will be displayed on the top. After you feel Ok, you can then publish the Acronym by clicking on the Publish.

Acronym is Published.

Now, let’s see the result after the implementation. To see the result, let’s type CB in the Edge Browser.

On clicking the enter option, we can see the result is displayed as set in the Acronym. Also, you can check the result by clicking on the work section. Keep in mind that to see the result the user must have to sign in with the office account.

In the above search, on clicking on Work Section the user can find all the relevant information.


Now, Let’s learn on how to Bookmarks. On clicking down you will also see the options to reserve the keywords and also you can target to the specific groups etc. Click on publish once the customization is complete.

Below is the result after the implementation.


Now let’s learn on how to add Q&A. This is also similar to Bookmark. To achieve this feature, click on Q&A and fill all the required field like Title, URL, Answer description etc. Click on Publish after feeling all the required information.

All the added Q&A is available on this tab.

You can also make changes on the added Q&A by clicking on the required Q&A.

Below is the result after the implementation.

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