M365 Admin Training Day 27 – How to add Company Branding to Microsoft 365 Sign-in page?

How to add Company Branding to Microsoft 365 Sign-in page?

Company branding plays a very important role in achieving the goal of in an organization as it encourages employees to embrace the brand values and contribute to the brand promise.

Branding in Microsoft 365 login page will not only add up the glance but also helps in mitigating the phishing attacks. With non-branding sign in pages its very hard for the non-technical users to identify the phishing site whereas the administrator has customized the sign-in page with company branding its easy to recognize the screen.

Below sign in page represents the default page, lets learn on how to customize the sign in page with the utilization of company branding features.

Below are the steps on how to add company branding to Microsoft 365 sign in page.

Inside Microsoft 365 admin center, Click on Azure Active Directory.

A separate tab will open. Now, click on Azure Active Directory.

On scrolling down, you will see the Company branding.Inside the company branding you will see the Default sign-in experience, Click on Customise.

Now, upload background image, favicon or choose background color. The size and the format accepted are shown at the side of the square box in the picture. If the picture size does not match then it will not accept. You can also click on the information icon to see the details of each field.

Browse the pictures as below and click on Next. You can also directly click on Review and Create.

On clicking Next, you will see the default options set as below

Let me change the default options and see the result. You can also upload the customize CSS to customize the branding experience, but in this demo, I am not going to add any CSS.

You can also upload the Header by browsing the picture from your local machine but remember it should match the size. Now click on Next

Now, You can customize the footer as per your requirement and Click on Next

Now, configure the Sign-in form by adding the picture from your local computer.

On scrolling down, you will also add the sign in page text. Type the text that you want for example: “welcome to **** company. Authorize access only “etc. and click on Next

In this step you can review all the configuration. If you feel to change any thing then you can go back to the previous steps and change the configuration. If you feel everything is Ok you can go a head and click on Create.


Once the configuration is completed, it will take some time to reflect the changes. Sign out and Sign in to see the configuration changes.

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