M365 Admin Training Day 15-Create a Distribution Group

Create a Distribution Group

1.In “Active teams and groups”

*Click on “Distribution list” and click on click on “Add a group”.

2.Choose a group type

3.Fill the blanks with the required information.

4.Provide the group email address. You can choose the domain from the drop-down list if you have more than one domain. If you want the group to be reachable to the external users then you can select the option available below the group email address.

5.Click on “Create Group”

6.Adding the group

7.A group has been created. Click on close

8.Now you will see a group name “IT” with the email address “it@chhetrysblog.onmicrosoft.com”

Looking on to the active users, there are only two users.



9.Now click on the group created.

10.Under “Members” click on “view all and manage members”

11.Now lets add the members by clicking "+Add members"

12.Select the users that you want to add in the group and click on "Add".

For this demo, "admin" and "user1" are selected

13.Two users are added to the group and saved.

Now let’s test by sending the email to the group email address it@chhetrysblog.onmicrosoft.com from the user admin@chhetrysblog.onmicrosoft.com which is one of the member of IT group.

Trying to send email to “it@chhetrysblog.onmicrosoft.com” which is the distribution group email that was just created.

Soon after sending the email to the group from “admin user” to “IT group”, a copy of email is received in inbox folder of admin@chhetrysblog.onmicrosoft.com. It is because the admin user itself is also the member of the group thus when any of the member try sending email to the group using the group email address. The email is delivered to all the members of the group.

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