Admin Training Day 16-Create Shared Mailboxes [No License required for Shared Mailboxes]


Shared Mailboxes [No License required for Shared Mailboxes]

A shared mailbox is the concept that can be used by the group of people in a company to read and send email using the shared mailbox email address. For example, support team can use it to receive and send email using the shared email address and no additional license is required. For this demonstration I have created a shared mailbox where ""is the shared mailbox address.

Let’s proceed with the demonstration.

1.Under Teams & Groups

*Click on Shared mailboxes

*Click on Add a shared mailbox

2. You are required to fill the gaps with the necessary information.

Creating shared mailbox

3.Shared mailbox is created. Now can add the members to shared mailbox by clicking “Add members to the shared mailbox”.

4.Click on “+Add Members”

5.Add the shared mailbox members

6.Members are added and saved.

7.Now, you will be able to see the shared mailbox with email address ""

8.If you click on the Shared Mailbox and edit the Exchange settings you will be able to see 50 GB has been allocated for this email address.

9.Under Mailbox, you will see 50GB has been allocated to the shared mailbox without the license.

Shared mailbox has been created successfully.Now let’s add the Shared mailbox folder in outlook

1.Open the Outlook application

2.Right click on the "Folder" and click on "Add shared folder".

3.Search the shared email address of shared mailbox  that you have just created

4.Now click on "Add"

5.We have now successfully added the shared folder

Now lets test sending email to the shared mailbox.

Email is received on the shared mailbox folder that we have just added.

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