M365 Admin Training Day 14-Teams and Groups

Teams and Groups

Under this section, you will be able to create and manage the groups. You will see the four types of groups available in this section.

Let’s discuss briefly on each of them:

 1.Microsoft 365 Groups: These groups are used for collaboration between the users through chat, calls and online meetings. For example: When you create a Team, Microsoft 365 group is created and the group related services such as SharePoint, Mailbox etc. are also created at same time.

2.Distribution Groups: Distribution groups are used to send the email notification to all the members of the group. For example, A company has created distribution group named it@xyzcompany.com where, there are 5 members. If somebody from other department want to send the email to all the 5 members, then he/she can send the email using the address it@xyzcompany.com and the email is forwarded to all the 5 members.

3.Mail-enabled Security Groups: Like distribution groups the Mail-enabled Security Groups also work with the same logic but additionally it can be used to control the access of SharePoint and OneDrive.

4.Security Groups: Security groups helps in controlling the access of SharePoint and OneDrive. It is also used with mobile device management services such as Intune.

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