Teams Training Day 16 - Manage Team

Manage Team

If you’re a team owner, you’re in control of many settings and permission of your team.

How to manage Team?


Go to the Teams that you want to manage and click on … 3 dots.

Click on Manage Team

You will see Several Tabs. For example: Members, Pending Requests, Channels, Settings, Analytics & Apps

Member: Here, the owner of the Team can add new members or remove existing member. Also, the owner can change the role of the members. For example, the member role can be changed to Owner.

Pending Requests: The Team can be Private, Public and Org Wide. The owner of the Team can see the pending requests in this tab

Channels: In this section, despite adding or removing the channels, you will have the options to manage the channels where, you can control the access related to who can post on the channels.

Settings: The owner of the Team has a lot of options within the settings. Starting from Adding profile, the owner can control member permission, guest permission, mentions, generating team code, fun stuff, and tags

Analytics: Owner of the team can find the analysis of data or statistics.

Apps: Owner can add or remove the apps for the teams.

Tags: Owners can create tags to notify a group of people all at once by @mentioning a tag.

Channels View

Settings View

Team Picture View

Member Permissions View

Analytics View

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