Send Email Locally Using Command Line

Send Email Locally Using Command Line

In this demonstration, I will show you how to send an email using windows command line.

1.For this demonstration, I have used the temporary mail.

2.On going through the MXLOOKUP check for the domain, I can find the IP and MX Hostname.

3.Open Windows Command Prompt using Start > Command Prompt or via Run<Window+R> CMD
   Telnet to the mail server by typing telnet <domain> 25

4.Once it is connected, we must initiate the mail sending process queue.  
   We start this with helo <domain>

5.Now, set the sending mail address.  Type mail from:<email address>

6.Now, set recipient address.  Type RCPT TO:<email address>

7.Then, to begin the email content type "data".

8.Now, type the subject and press enter twice.
   And then, type the content of the email and when the content of the email is completed. Hit enter 
   and type "." which will close your email and the email is queued for delivery.

9.On checking on the email, I can see that the email which we have send via the command line has 
   been received.

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